Chemistry: Diego & Chip by Nicky Reyes


I am always on the lookout for great images of couples. I love creative shots of both men with men and men with women. With two men however I am often turned off by the lack of creativity in many of the images I see. It is almost as putting too hot guys in the same shot is enough, why bother finding unique ways to shoot them. There is a distinct difference between sexual and sex, and this difference is one sometimes overlooked.

Given this, it is sort of funny that the couple I chose to feature are Diego Sans and Chip Tanner from Randy Blue. The fact Diego and Chip are porn stars is wonderfully irrelevant to San Francisco based photographer Nicky Reyes. Nicky has shot many of Randy's Blue's hottest men and always shoots them the same way he shoots all of his models. There is a freshness, even an innocence captured through pose and facial expressions, especially Chips addictive grin. Like Steven Underhill, whom he admires, Nicky captures the youth and the innocence of the couple together. The last photo in this series is one of my all time favorite shots, so hot and so fun.

A graduate of the University of the East in Manila, Nicky and holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Zoology. His interest in photography started when he worked for one of Manila's leading publishing firms where he had the first hand experience of working with some of the top photographers, models and stylists in the Philippines. In 2005, he took a crash course with the New York Institute of Photography to learn the basics of photography and has been shooting non-stop since!

I know Diego Sans from Randy Blue films and have seen him around Castro (San Francisco) a lot of of times but I have connected with him through Facebook and asked him if he was willing to do a shoot with me. It wasn't too long when he wrote me back and said that he likes my work and he would love to work with me. Before we know it, we were in the studio working and the photos from that solo shoot were amazing.

It was after the shoot when he asked me if I would like to work with another Randy Blue model. So I said yes and then he hooked me up with Chip Tanner to a shoot. At that time I thought it would be awesome if I could do a shoot with both of them. So I asked him to come back and do a couple shoot with Chip. I am glad I did because that was one of the funnest (if there is such a word) I have ever done, The chemistry between the two guys were just amazing. I think it shows in the photos.

The chemistry and fun are clear in each of the shots! Thanks to Nicky Reyes for sharing his work with FH! Please check out more of Nicky's work on ModelMayhem and at his official site HERE:


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