Theatrical: Quinn Christopher Jaxon by Bacchus Stuart


'I cannot photograph Quinn enough, as his manger, I'm booking him every where. He's one of the rare Adonis's of life that you want to show off to the world. Everyone should at least see him, and every photographer should get the chance to work with him!'
Bacchus Stuart

Now I know I could have simply posted these scorching hot images of Quinn Christopher Jaxon without any text and most of you wouldn't have cared less. But... these images, and the man responsible for them, are part of the reason story is such an important part of FH.

When I first saw images of Quinn, especially the 'Scottish shoot,' I was struck by how dramatic they were. Quinn has classic movie star looks complete with piercing hazel eyes. Quinn has a natural presence, masculine and intensely sexual. Photographer Bacchus Stuart clearly and skillfully weaves his extensive theatrical background within his work. As both an actor and director, Bacchus knows how to work with artists to help them relax and feel safe going to new and daring places.

Bacchus has worked in nearly every part of the theatre, film and television world. For three years Bacchus worked for Broadway Director Joe Layton and has directed plays all over Los Angeles and around the country. In film and on television he has not only acted, but worked as a production coordinator, production manager, and AD on an extensive list of productions. Some of these include; Chasers, Maximum Overdrive, The X Files, Millennium, Lovejoy, The Crow, The Butcher's Wife, Betsy's Wedding and Sleep With The Enemy.

I started doing photography when I was 10 years old. My uncle had a dark room and a 35mm camera, and he taught me how to shoot in B&W and how to process and develop (using all the chemicals) and later, how to alter/shade/shadow photos as I developed them. He also taught me how to do stop-motion photography with an old Bell&Howell 8mm movie camera (I have lots of old film of me trimming trees and the trees grabbing me and garden hoses sneaking up behind me and hanging me from trees).

Through the years, with my acting and directing in the theatre, as well as all my work in film & television, I took lots of photos of different artists that I had worked with. Unfortunately, back in 1999, my house in Wilmington, NC was literally destroyed by a hurricane and I lost all my negatives and most of my photos. I have a few photos left from that period - of Geoffrey Holder, Carmen DeLavillade, Maurice Hines, Helen Hayes and the late Tony & Emmy award winning director Joe Layton. Currently, I am learning how to clean old photos in photoshop so that I can preserve these few remaining pictures.

22 year old Quinn Christopher Jaxon is more than a model he has worked with, Bacchus is also his manager and says Quinn is his best friend. Bacchus manages the dancer and actor and says that Quinn is very giving and makes him laugh like no one else, `My days are always brighter with him in them`.

`He is literally the easiest model I have ever worked with. I think it's all of his dancer training. You tell him to do something and he immediately does it. He loves to show off! - While we were shooting, a friend of ours was sleeping on an old sofa in another room. Now this guy is straight; and Quinn, naked as the day he was born, ran into the other room, jumped on the sofa, and was popping that massive member of his all over this guy, which freaked him out! We were both laughing so hard we were crying. And Quinn, ever the pro, quickly ran back to the set, did a ballet spin and was immediately back into focus and we finished the shoot.`

'These photographs were from our third shoot together and the first time Quinn had ever posed nude, he proceeded to get an erection and it's literally the first time he'd ever had himself photographed in that state!.'

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