Lying In Wait: Cameron Foster by Carl Proctor


Never one to push my luck...I try not to be too aggressive with my desire to have certain models and certain artists on FH. I usually e-mail a model or photographer, sometimes send a follow up, but then let it go. That being said, there are certain shoots I also hate to let pass by. I love featuring the work of Atlanta's Carl Proctor. Some of my best features have been showcasing Carl's work. The incredible model and actor Keith Griffin (the first post I did with Carl) remains one of my all time favorites.

This past summer Carl was generous to share his work with Benjamin Godfre with myself and FH.. Benjamin has been busy the past few months shooting and building his site, but back in July, Benjamin was just beginning the new phase of his modeling career and was carefully rolling out shots. I had already been fortunate to have previously showcased Benjamin's work with Jon Seneca. Carl was one of the first to shoot Ben during this new phase and I was fortunate that FH was one of the first places to feature some of Carl's work with Ben.

During one of my many questions to Carl about the Benjamin shoot he casually mentioned that he had just finished shooting Cameron Foster. I certainly knew who Cameron was, but a repeat video viewing was required research! I did not say too much at the time as we barely were through one profile without me pouncing on Carl about another so quickly.. But...or course, as you can see here, I did not forget.

'Yes, there are natural blonds. Cameron Foster just happens to be one. It isn't just his blond hair that makes him stand out; his engaging smile and positively good looks completed the package. He delivered tenfold for hour after hour without hesitation during our shoot, and it appeared he loved every minute of it. By his own admission Cameron is an exhibitionist. It turns him on to have other people watching him, well, expose himself. That made my job as a photographer that much easier, and it meant that everyone who is privileged to view his photos will definitely have a better day for having done so!'
Carl Proctor

Thanks Carl for sharing your work again with FH! Check out more of Carl's work on MM HERE: & his official site HERE:
You can see more of Cameron on MM HERE:


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