tMf Preview: Brody Harris


Above: Brody by Bill McClaren

'I am very comfortable being naked (I even go to naked yoga class.) For me, the human body is such an inspiring subject for art.'
Brody Harris

Below: Brody by Rick Day

One of my favorite people to interview for the current issue of tMf was model, actor and artist Brody Harris. Brody talks openly about moving from Utah to San Francisco, his experiences modeling naked and the importance of being out. Below are a few pieces that sadly had to be edited out of the final piece. Check out the latest tMf for the full interview and Brody's sizzling portfolio featuring Rick Day & Kristopher Kelly.

How has this played out within your own experiences? Have you ever been encouraged to be more ‘straight’ publicly?

A-LoL no, I live in the city somewhere over the rainbow, in San Francisco being gay is A-ok. In reality, I probably book more jobs because I meet more men in the industry at a bar, online, etc who are gay themselves.

Below: Brody by Licht

Q-In your recent work with Licht, your sporting a moustache, which creates a totally different and unexpected look. At first I was not sure I liked it as well, then those shots became some of my favorites. Was there intent with the moustache or was it just how you were looking on that particular day, you almost have a De Niro cica Taxi Driver look.

A-Actually, I had seen a film called "Bronson." Bronson was such a sexy, bad ass character that I decided to regrow my mustache inspired by him. Licht and I talked about shooting again, and he was excited I had a mustache and we worked with it.

Q- Speaking of De Niro, who are your favorite actors and what are the acting opportunities that you have been apart of in SF?

A-Tom Hardy is one of my favorites, he played Bronson. Some other favorites off the top of my head are Natalie Portman, Helen Bonham Carter, Brad Pitt, umm,, Uma Thurman... As for SF, unfortunately my focus hasn't been on acting as much since coming here but I'm having an itching for it again.

Last two shots from Kristopher Kelly

Q-Although you shot nude with both with Kristopher Kelly and Rick Day there were different feels to both shoots, tell me about those shoots.

A-Working with Kris, I felt he was going for something darker and more sensual. I love the feeling he created and I think the shots are powerful. With Rick and his Players book, we wanted to create something very masculine and athletic. It was a lot of challenging poses and tight flexing throughout. But in the end, he got some extremely sexy shots.


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